My project for Australia

I am very happy to have at last the chance to talk about my dream to travel to Australia.
I am a bilingual writer. I write novels. One has just been published in USA. But my dream country is Australia. I would like to go there to develop a very innovative idea on promoting books. My projects can interest publishing houses and other authors, schools, universities and book makers. It consist in adapting books of any genre into captivating and very attractive shows. I am experienced in that. I am also writing a new book very interesting that I would like to publish in Australia.
Can you please help me to carry further this project? I would like to raise money  from this activity and finace some social projects for needy people in Africa.

First a visa is required.  will give you details about visas and how to get one.

Perhaps look online for publishing houses and universities in Australia and contact them about your plans.

Thanks so much Stumpy !!!!

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