Meeting new people

Hello everyone-)
I am moving to Brussels in 1-2 monhths I am interested in meeeting new people.
I like traveling, cooking, listenining to music, participating in adventures some times, relaxing  some other times.
I like people who are ambitious yet humble and  kind hearted , people who like to laugh and spread sunshine around them..-)

You are most welcome Christina  :)

Thank you!

Could you let me know your approximate age, and what age group of people you're interested in meeting in Brussels?


I am 38 I an interested in meeting people 34-44
Thank you!

Ops it looks like I have being pushed away from this meeting  :D Since am 31 haha

You are not pushed away-)

being pushed away..-)


Please feel free to use the PM system for chat between members, not the forum please.


I'd invite you to post a free ad in the CLASSIFIEDS --> Friendship section of the site for more interactions.


Romaniac Experts Team

Τhank you romanIac
I don't really know how the system works. Thank you for the piece of advice.

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