Civil Partnership- Union de Hecho Questions

Good morning,

I have some questions that I'm hoping someone in the forum can help me with.

My fiancee is living in the UK with me but is Ecuadorian, we are planning on getting married here in the UK but have a number of questions regarding the possibility of moving to Ecuador after we're married.

Gay marriage is legal in the UK but obviously not in Ecuador where only the Union de Hecho is recognised. We have been together for around 18 months and have been living together for the past 12 months, so less than the 2 year requirement.

We are hoping to get married in the UK but understand that this would not be automatically recognised in Ecuador where marriage between people of the same sex is prohibited. My question is, would we be able to register our union based on this foreign marriage and would this negate the requirement to have lived together for two years prior to the union?

If I could obtain a 12-IX visa and we met the requirements for the union does anyone have any experience of applying for residency as a spouse/dependent after the union?

If anyone has any insight into the process I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance!

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