My story to the paradise

My name is Masood-Ul-Azam, i got my dream true on dated 13/07/2016 when i landed in New Zealand..............From here the beautiful travel and amazing profile of my life is started......... i am an IT Professional having along with Marketing degree means i did my BS-IT, MBA-IT and i also done my MBA-Marketing, with the relevant experience of my both studies. I hope for the better future of me and my family here ahead  :)

Hi Masson-Ul-Azam,

thank you very much for sharing your experience. It could give hope to those who are still striving to make their poject/dream come true.

Would you say that proper qualifications and experience determined the success of your expatriation ? In which are you presently please ?

All the very best,

I think Skilled Qualification and its relevant experience counts alot for your career for expatriation....... like my expertise are in IT field....... so say best of luck to me ;)

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