English exam in Pembroke Primary

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My daughter is going to study in Pembroke Primary school starting from this September. She is 8 years old, so it is supposed to be Level 4. I've been told that she will need to pass the test to find out her level of English. If it is not good enough, she will have to study English and Maltese during one year. Could anyone clarify whether it means that she will learn these languages in addition to school program, or instead of visiting the school itself? I wouldn't want her to miss the whole scolastic year. Will appreciate the answers, thanks guys!

A colleague's children will be going through the same - I understood that they will have English lessons in the morning for a while (not the whole year), but will be in school in the afternoon. I think it's to ensure they have enough English to get by, but kids pick it up quickly any way.

My son went through the same, it sometimes depends on school to school but most of the state schools are 90% maltese students, and therefore teachers tend to do alot of the teaching in maltese if possible. I would encourage you to learn as much maltese and english asap to make things easier

Michelle Attard :

but most of the state schools are 90% maltese students

this is false statement
school in areas with lot of expats - sliema, st julians, gzira, bugibba, st paul bay , have more of 60-40, or 50-50 ratio

for exp. I know for sliema and gzira goverment school's that they teach in maltese - religion and maltese, other subject are mostly in english

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