Looking for a friend I can speak English with

Hi everyone,

To be honest, I kind of upset right now. I have difficulty speaking English smoothly and fluently. And I am not high confident enough when it comes for me to speak English. I always failed my job interview, just because I can't speak English properly. I know some of you might have the same problem as mine.

I really want to improve my English. The problem is, I don't have much friend whom I can speak English with. Neither a Malay friend, or a foreigner. I hope you guys can help me. It looks like Im seeing a dead end now. With my current status being unemployed because I screwed up my interviewed numerous times already. I am considering to take English class, but still I need money to do so. :(

Anyone can be my English speaking partner? Preferably a girl too. Helpppp. If anything do email me at ***

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Hi where r u from? I think u should buy a dictionary it's big help to u also. And the way u post ur English is OK..

I'm from Malaysia. Living nearby KL. And where are you from?
My writing just so so, only that my speaking sucks. Huhu

hai im from i have some prob with u. please drop email **

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Hi. I dont get your email due to privacy safety. Can you tell me your email here?

Eila09 :

I'm from Malaysia. Living nearby KL. And where are you from?
My writing just so so, only that my speaking sucks. Huhu

And your use of language needs some work.
"Sucks" might very well be used by Spongebob but it's considered rude in much of the world.

Suck means terrible. Of course i need to work on my english, hence the topic :)

Hello Eila09,

Of course, there are many ways for you to improve your fluency in the language and on you may find various opportunities on the Internet itself.

I suggest that you start improving your understanding of the language through your daily routines. It could be from watching the Television, listening to English radio stations or simply by reading Facebook statuses. The key is to take time and understand the simplest parts of a sentence and digest. Pay attention to what's simple, right and proper.

I used to host "hangout" sessions at local coffee shops around Kuala Lumpur for this purpose. If you are keen about these meetups, do drop a message. We can figure something out.

All the best!

Where do you have your coffee shop "hang out" sessions, I'm a native English speaker (actually American) and will retire in December and could use the time to meet some new people. And maybe I can convince people to let me practice some Malay at the same time.

Dear Eila, perhaps you can join some community website or get some new friends. Do watch more English movies. Get a friend that can speak to you and teach you. If you still have not found a friend yet, we can meet up for coffee and talk. Maybe we can ask another 1 or 2 of our friends to join in as well.

Great idea. Where are you staying now?

Hi ,
If you want a friend to talk in English then ping me

can i join it as well?

Eila09 :

Suck means terrible. Of course i need to work on my english, hence the topic :)

It does have that meaning, but its etymology is less than polite.
"Sucker" is a person who is easy deceived or conned, being derived from a baby who sucks his mother's milk.
Your version, "Sucks" (Also - "It blows") is from fellatio.

For some strange reason I can't really understand, people in at least one country seem to think this is acceptable for use in children's programs.
The sad part is non native speakers pick up the word and use it under the mistaken idea it's acceptable in some way.

The use of the word sucks to mean not niece or bad has become so mainstream in American discussion that it's original source is probably irrelevant today. I consider it pretty much everyday use just fine for NON-FORMAL speech. If some said their last boss sucked during a job interview - interview over. But if some said the paperwork in the office sucks over coffee or even an adult beverage I wouldn't think twice about it. And if my 12-14 year child told me that their day sucked, I wouldn't get upset about it.

Sometimes words work their way into mainstream language (not just English) come from some very vulgar beginnings, but as they become part of everyday discussion we have to ignore the original meaning. Actually you might surprised that many of the words today that are considered vulgar came from innocent origins.

Only in America where oral sex seems to be an acceptable subject for children's TV.
I tend to disagree with it.

May I join too? I'm passionate about learning English.

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