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Hello! My name is David and I just wanted to see if I could get some advice.

I have a good friend that I've known for the past 26 years and he is getting deployed in Bahrain with the US Navy. We have always been close friends and help each other out any time one needs. He is wanting me to come visit him and is willing to provide all accommodations. I know I can't work there but I can talk to employers.

A little about my work experience.

     I have over 20 plus years in management and supervisory positions. Some of my jobs that I have held was me being a four year nuclear Submarine qualified E-5 with a total of 16 years US Navy experience, importer/Exporter of cars between the US and Canada as well as retail sales experience in the industry,  General Manager of a car lot.
I have been a manager of a pizza restaurant, also I have been in the Natural Gas Industry as a supervisor and account manager. My present employment is in the restaurant business as a Catering/Sales and Marketing Manager.

     With all that being said, with all my job experiences, would I be able to find a job fast? I know it would be with how flexible and what i am willing to take. Any useful information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.

Sorry if I overlooked any posts that might have useful information,  still a newbie to posting in forums.

Hello David,

Good to know about you and your previous work profiles.

Why dont u start by visiting our classifieds section

Apart from that you could visit the various job portals and register with them like Monstergulf, bayt, naukri, gulfconnexions or go through the daily news paper classifieds section ( / … amp;MNU=24)

Good luck


You can google navy jobs in Bahrain too, if you have experience in the same

Thank you both for your response!

You have some good past experience, which will be useful for any potential employer.

You may be able to look for possible job opportunities when in Bahrain.

But do bear in mind a few important points:

1) Bahrain is currently going through a recession and good jobs are not easy to come by.
2) We are still in the warm summer months, and most key decision makers in potential employing organizations will not be in Bahrain.
3) Payscales in Bahrain are generally lower than the other gulf countries, but it is a nice place to live and work if you get a suitable job.

Generally job vacancies are made known through contacts. It will be useful if you can reach out to friends in Bahrain before you get here, so that you could use your time here efficiently.

All the best with your job search.

Thank you for your helpful response

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