USA non immigrants (tourism) visa

Dear all members especially US citizen

Me and family plan to visit US in December until January

So we start to apply visa , we prefer to apply in Jeddah .

First step we take is open us government website, read all information.

We find that we need to download ds160 formulir and upload it online in order to get sechedule for interview (the second step)

We open every page, type many times of codes, and .... The formulir ds160 doesn't appear. Instead, the page juSt keep reloading.

I have no internet issue. I'm sure.

Can some one please guide me? For good, nice and polite guide we may and willing to return the favor (in cash)

Try today. It's working:

No thelegend, still not working. I have been in those page for 3days.

I choose Saudi Arabia, Jeddah and type the code klik go from my cellphone

And the same page re appear.

I use internet explorer from iPhone 5

I use Chrome on my PC >> chose Jeddah >> entered passcode --> Clicked Start an Application >> filled first page


Okay , I will try from chrome and pc

Many thanks

Could I invite you for tea to return the favor?

Will posting if it's work or not

Other then the other :

Could I invite you for tea to return the favor?

I live in RIyadh, will be a long trip :lol:
Many thanks though.

Do let me know if you'd need some tips as you go for the interview.

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