Guatemalan-American Citizen Planning To Live in England

I am currently living in Long Beach, California and I plan to live in London, England. I truly admire the British culture more than the American culture and I do believe it is much more better than the American culture as well. I plan to have a descent job at a grocery store in London then finish school as well. I am currently a catholic and I am also planning to convert into messianic judaism. I want to be closer to God and Yeshua(Jesus). May God bless you all🔯 and have a marvellous day.

The problem is you won't be able to get a work visa. What you can do is study at university - but that costs a minimum of £9,000 per year for the fees alone.

Hola Edgar.. como esta? cuenteme como le fue, ha aplicado para venir a Inglaterra? saludos

Patty de Guate (vivo en WsM, England)


English please as this is an English speaking forum..

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