Medical insurance for MM2H

My wife and I have just had out MM2H visa approved.  We plan to arrive in Malaysia in October, and live in Penang. We are from the UK and know Malaysia well already.

I am concerned about the medical insurance situation.  I am 60 and my wife is 69 (but doesn't look it!!).  We are both in good health for our age, but - like nearly everyone over 60 - not free of pre-existing conditions (nothing serious).

I am aware that it is possible to people aged over 60 to live in Malaysia on the MM2H programme without any medical insurance - and to "pay as you go".  I could afford the risk of doing that, but a major issue could still be a financial blow - even though medical costs in Malaysia are lower than in the UK.

Just wondered if any forum members have any views or advice on this option, please?  Also, any tips on the best insurers to choose for cover in Malaysia only please?

Many thanks indeed.

Nice to hear that you've had your MM2H approved.

I used to use Pacific Insurance for my medical insurance and did so through my insurance agent, who told me that Pacific Insurance is good because it is not too expensive and they pay fast.

To give you an idea of the cost of operations, before moving to Malaysia I had a knee operation (keyhole surgery to remove damaged cartilage) in France. Then when I moved to Malaysia I had the same operation because I think I had been exerting too much strain on my knee. The cost of the operation back in 2006/7 was RM21,000 which I paid for myself as I didn't have medical insurance at the time, nor the MM2H. Out of interest, I once visited the sports clinic in Bangsar about 2 or 3 years ago and was quoted RM50k - 60k for a similar knee operation.

After I married, I decided to get the MM2H which covered myself, my wife and eventually our two children. I think up until 2014 - 2015 we paid a total annual insurance premium of around RM5,500 for the whole family. I still haven't reached 60, but probably for my coverage it was about RM3,700 a year.

About 3 years ago I had a slipped disc operation that was covered by the insurance. I checked in at Pantai Hospital and handed over my medical card and spent 3 days there in a private room. After my operation everything got paid on the spot (had to wait a couple of hours) including all follow up treatment and visits relating to the operation. Everything was paid directly by Pacific Insurance.

When I renewed our insurance policy the following year, apparently the slipped disc operation was  not a pre-existing condition on the new policy which was good to know.

I currently live in Indonesia and don't currently have a medical or life insurance policy but am in the process of doing both. My strong recommendation for anyone in their later age is to take out both.

I am pretty healthy, have done lots of sports throughout most of my life, never smoked, haven't drunk alcohol for most of my life and not at all for the past 20 years, and am not particularly out of shape. However, I need to keep check on my cholesterol level since Malaysia and Indonesia both have delicious and sometimes unhealthy food. And I would like to be covered by insurance should I ever get a stroke, heart attack or prostate cancer. Similarly, as I am older than my wife, I want to be sure of having a life insurance plan.

Many thanks, Hansson.  That's very helpful indeed.

Dear Hansson,

Thanks for you valuable input, I got my MM2H approval and will be flying to Malaysia this Dec. and for sure will go for Pacific Insurance.



My pleasure guys. Hope you have a fantastic time in Malaysia and who knows, perhaps we'll meet up one of these days as I travel to and from Malaysia all the time.

It would be our pleasure to meet you there.

Thank you for detailed explanations.

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