Starting my first language class since June

Im nächste Monat habe ich meinen erste Deutcheunterricht seit Juli! Ich habe viel angst, weil ich nicht viel merken kann. Zum beispiel, ich kann nicht perfekt, präteritum, modal verben und viel mehr merken.. Es war auch gleich wenn ich war Englisch lernen. Ich weiß nicht was ich tun sollen. Würde jemand mir helfen? Im Juli war ich A2.2 und ich habe auch in diese nue Schule A2.2, weil ich mein Deutsch nicht gut glaube ist. Ich kann nur ein wort merken wenn ich MUSS das wort verwenden.

Things I am not sure how to say in German. I am beyond confused when it comes to past perfect, perfect and all those grammar words. I just can't seem to wrap my head around any of their meanings which in turn makes it hard for me to know when to conjugate something differently or when to use certain verbs. I tried studying these things every single day, however after many many months I still can't seem to remember them. I wasn't able to remember any of these grammar words from English either. When it came to English I just read A LOT as a child and adult. I am finding that harder though when it comes to German, because when you speak in German it's different than what you write and that also confuses me.. I am not sure what to do haha XD I would like to be B1 by the end of the year but I am not sure if that'll happen.

There are two ways of learning a language:
1. Memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary
2. Practicing it in many real life situations
The first gives you a rather passive knowledge, but is good for exams. The second gives you a feeling for how to get your message across, but doesn't give you perfect German.
It is of course best to use both methods to get good language skills, but different people have different learning abilities and fluency expectations and thus need them in different quantities for best results.
If you are better with the second method, then stop focusing on exams and start mingling with Germans and talking as much as possible!

I came to Germany 3 years ago. I can give you some suggestions besides the german class.
1. Do not hurry. Try to find ur pace that suits you.
2. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
3. Watch the german news and quiz shows.
4. Read a german paper
5. Try not to speak german whilst translating from your mother language at the same time.


Thank you, I'll make sure to make use of your information, I'll try harder on making a friend here, so I have someone to speak in German with.

I'll do that! Yeah, I tend to stress myself out a lot, because I need to be at least C1 in the next 2 years and I'm worried I won't make it. I'll start doing the things you mentioned.

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