sporting events in dammam, khobar or jubail on friday

hi , everyone

i live in jubail. compared to dammam and khobar, here i hardly see any sporting events. i am good at chess, marathon, biathlon , triathlon , sprint or relay running , 100mt, 200mts, 400mts, 1k, 2k ... please let me know is there are any upcoming events in future . Friday events would be alot better as i have off only on friday .kindly contact me on xxx if any info . thank you


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Hi dr.Mubeen,

Do you mind sharing with us where members could get together for a jog or just chess ?

Where do people/expats usually gather in Jubail  for sports and leisure ?

Maybe if you suggest some places, we could create an event and invite members.

All the very best,

i have no idea but,may be people can get along on beach.. darain beach is a good place.. lot of families are there..dont know any organisers as such...

I live in Jubail and I love to play chess.

That's sound great. What is the time for the game.

Hey Brother,
Did you find anyone who can train Martial Arts? Kindly contact me and share if it is a "yes". Please note my WhatsApp number. Numbers are replaced by Alphabets xxx

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