how much cost a calling visa

how much will a sponsor pays for a calling visa if he goes in person at the immigration in Jakarta

Perhaps you could clarify.
Have you acted as a sponsor for someone who has broken their visa terms and been arrested, or are you planning to sponsor someone who you know will do so?

my sponsor is about to apply for my calling visa and i need to know how much is going to cost i can be prepared about sending her the money.

Thank u

If your sponsor here is going to apply for the calling visa he should know how much it will cost in the end when it gets approved.

If your sponsor is using an agent then the agent will indicate about the possible fee.

It can take a long time from application to the approval since various government departments are involved and there is no guarantee it will be granted.

Your sponsor is a private person or a local company ?

Hi i am cameroonian and i am applying from washington DC.from the people in this forum i got that it may takes 1 to 3  weeks.can you tell me more about the process i thought my sponsor can apply online,get the response and go to Jakarta.

Are you US resident ?

If not, your application will most likely turned down.

The whole process takes longer than 1-3 weeks after submitting all required documents, bear it in mind.

Only once a week the different government departments sitting together and evaluating the visa applications and then decide whether or not the calling visa will be granted.

Also usually the local sponsor has to come and will be interviewed

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