UK/USA visa for travel from Germany

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I am an Indian living in Germany and just came to know about expats group (ignorant me  :dumbom: ) . I have a question to ask... will i be eligible for getting any visa benefits (as a tourist) for travelling to places like UK or US once i obtain my Permanent residency "Niederlassungserlaubnis"  in Germany ?

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In short, no.

A German visa has no connection to the United States whatsoever!  The same may be true for UK, since it is not part of the Schengen zone.  Eligibility to travel to other countries is based on your nationality/citizenship, not residency.


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Officially what romaniac writes is correct. Residency in Germany has no connection with going to the USA. It's not like you are suddenly a German citizen, which might be seen with less skepticism than an Indian citizen. But in general, it depends on what you want to do in the States. What they don’t want is people arriving and not leaving. They will always deem this a bigger risk if someone is coming from an underdeveloped country. Also, a young person with no job or family is more likely to try to overstay their visa than someone who has a house, family and good job elsewhere that they would obviously want to return to. Showing that you have established a life in Germany can thus indirectly sound more assuring to the USA visa issuing authorities. Then again, it is no guarantee.

My motto when dealing with any kind of immigration authorities is to give them the answers they want to hear – as long as it is truthful. What they want to hear is that one is taking a 3 week vacation and has an itinerary and definite plans, and return flight tickets, to leave. What they don’t like is to hear is that one has quit their job and wants to travel around aimlessly in the States and are not sure when they would leave… And definitely don’t say you want to possibly find a job or stay to study unless you have arranged these things beforehand, otherwise they might put you on the next plane back home even if you do arrive with a visa!

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