Has anyone used UPS in Costa Rica?

Has anyone used UPS? How can you use UPS when Costa Rica does not have any street addresses?
Can you have it sent to a Post Office for pickup?
I need an important document sent in rapid time from the USA.

I used UPS once.  It first went to Bogota, Columbia and then up to San Jose and then on a truck to me in Guanacaste.   I addressed it as I would any letter and it got here fine.  I had to pay taxes and duty to the driver in cash.   If it's important, I'd definitely use them over the Costa Rican postal "service".   If you need it quick, though, I'm sure it'll cost you.  My 2-day delivery turned out to be a week.

My name is Mike. Thank you for your information. I am trying to locate a UPS store that I can have some paperwork sent to me from my bank in USA. I went to the UPS web site and it located a store in Santa Ana.

Mail Boxes Etc.
Tel:  5062208615

I was going to try and call them to see if they still existed. As you can see, there post does not have the correct number of digits. I wanted to call them to get their store number, so I would have that information to give to the bank.
Would you have the time to see if you can locate their phone number or even find out if they are open and in business?
If you would have the time, I would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again, Mike

Hi, Mike.  Here's their website.  I'm sure that has all the information you need.

If the phone # begins with an 8 it's a cell phone number, so just add an 8 in front, and if it begins with a 2 it's a hard line so add a 2 in front. So 506-220-8615 becomes  506 2220-8615. You see a lot of old signs on buildings too, like attorneys or doctors etc that have the old 7 digit system. Just add a 2 or 8 in front accordingly. Try it, it should work.

Don't use Ups. Use DHL.

I have sent documents t Ireland Mexico the uk. I sent my drivers license to Ireland got there before I did.

And yes just use Jr regular address you give. DHL guys in Costa Rica are costa rica. They know they way around.

The cost of sending parcels from North America to Costa Rica is astronomical.

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