Advise on expat project for family of 4 to live in Dehli

Hi Guys, new to this site, considering a move to New Dehi , looking for information on education , housing , cost of living for a family of 2 adults and 2 child ( 8 and 5 ) Bi National French and Spanish.  Regards

Hi there when do think you will be arriving?? schools have started.i tried to get my children  into a normal Indian school and wasn't that a laugh. So I finally  put them 1 to the British  school  and the other2 into lycée français . Expensive but you don't want the hassle  of dealing with the Indian schools here.its all about who you know and where you work which is a shame .so for schools  best place them in lycée français new Delhi .as for housing  well that a tricky one . depending on school  and work you than find your house but there is lots to see and comes a pint when all the houses and streets  start to look the same...but don't despair  there is something for everyone  depending on your budget..Welcome  BTW.

Bonjour Sydney!

Vous trouverez pas mal d'infos sur concernant les sujets qui vous interessent. Si , apres avoir digere ces informations, vous avez des questions bien precises, n'hesitez pas a les poser sur ce forum.

I don't quite agree with the statement that admission to any private Indian school in Delhi is  'all about who you know and where you work'. Be that as it may, Delhi's satellite town, Gurgaon, has a plethora of good, private Indian schools offering international school leaving certificates too. You could try some of those.

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