Im looking for a job desperately!

Hi im new in casablanca and im looking for any job.. Im desperately to find one cuz Im not fluent in french and im struggling to find one.. Can anyone know any job? I used to work in Dubai as graphic Designer for 8 years .. and Im looking any position like call center agent etc...


Are you interested in education? I am looking for english speaking people for our LEGO workkshops.


Yes ... I'm very happy and excited .. How can I apply madam !

I'm fluent in English and I used to worked in Dubai for 8 years

Hi Louies27 and Play Academy >

I would advise both of you to post an ad in the Jobs in Casablanca section. I also advise you to give a maximum details in your ads so as to attract interested parties.

Good luck,

Priscilla  :top:

Hi Louis, how you doing with you job hunt?

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