Difficulty in Opening Blocked Account at DB

Dear all,

I wish to know if any of you happen to know international students studying in Germany who has used other alternatives besides opening a blocked account with DB and what methods did they use?

I have a sponsor who will support my studies but DB has rejected my application form for reasons unknown. I am desperate to know of any other way in which i can show proof to the embassy when i submit my application form that I will be able to finance my studies.

Any advice on this matter is much appreciated.

You should ask for the reasons why your application was rejected. It is highly unusual that they won't tell you - and in many cases it's just a minor thing and easily corrected (e.g. Missing document, wrong date or no signature on form).
Alternatively, ask at the embassy which other methods they accept.
Good luck!

thank you for the reply.

Hello Phoenix,

Sorry for the late reply however I hope my response does help. I also had to go through the same process while back in my home country. To answer your question, NO. Only Deutsche Bank offers the blocked account service for International students. From what i remember i had to print the form from their website, fill in the relevant data and only sign it in the presence of an German embassy official, who if i am not wrong will also affirm it then I had to physically post the document to Germany.

Once they receive it in Germany, the will send you by mail your account details whereby you have to deposit the said money after which you will receive a confirmation letter which you can then bring to the embassy to apply your visa with.

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