Moving to Mauritius

Hi all,

My name is Iva and I am Bulgarian holding a dutch passport, living in Holland. My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Mauritius end of this year. At the moment we are looking for vacancies online but it is pretty hard to find something from distance. I am working in the fashion industry and my partner is a diving instructor. We thought Mauritius would be a great place for both of us regarding work and of course nice weather and nature :)
Our plan is to come visit the island and see if we like it and at the same time search for jobs.
Does somebody have any tips? and know if we come to Mauritius can we apply ourselves for work permit or the company needs to do that for you?

Thank you!

As far as i know, if you get a job the company applies on your behalf and sends the work permit to you abroad before you come into the country. Even if you are here the permit will be sent to your country of residence abroad. Its better that you come to see the opportunities and i can show you some fashion houses when you arrive. Mauritius is a beautiful place. your boyfriend could check with some ocean going operators or even the Government for such life saving security job, but you must know that the jobs are not waiting for you anywhere for the taking, lol, its at times non-existent but you will get something eventually. Contact me on eqquality[at]gmail for further info.

Hi Remey,
Thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated! For more questions I will contact you on your e/mail :) !

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