Visa options for travelling with my long term partner

Hello, I hope there is someone who can advise me.
My long term partner has a job in the Maldives as well as an apartment. We are not married but have been living together for 7 years in the UK. Can I be classed as a dependent on his work visa? I can obtain legal proof of our situation in the UK if it will help.

Hello Lidred,

Two documents must required while applying for dependent visa in Maldives is the marriage certificate and spouse's passport/ work permit copy. However you can easily get sponsorship visa which will be valid for 90 days from your arrival. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your post. Yes this is what I thought. But, must I present a return ticket upon arrival before I request the extended visa?

Many thanks for your reply

No. You need not have a return ticket. But your ticket to Maldives has to be submitted along with your application at immigration office before your arrival.

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