Private School in Tunis?

Hi everyone, Do you know any private schools (foreign school) in Tunis? if yes, it would be useful that you give me your opinion about them. thank you

Yes there's two well known private Foreign schools in Tunis and they are :
1.American Cooperative School of Tunis: good international reputation.
2. Lycee cailloux "Gustave Flaubert" I think thats the name, it's a private school for french speakers, good if the student intends continuing he's study in France.
The first one is located in "L'aouina" near "Lac" close to "La Marsa" and the second is in "La Marsa".
Hope you find this helpful and I am sure if other forum members got any new schools to add,they wont hesitate

Hi there is also Khaireddine Tunisian International School ( Its instructional language is English. Their curriculum is aligned with Cambridge. It is a nice school with up to date technology equipment, peaceful environment and good teachers from different countries. I strongly advise you to visit KTIS.

There are just two accredited schools teaching in English - the British school in Aouina BIST (accredited by the UK association COBIS) and ACST an American run school that is accredited by several global organisations including the IBO (International Baccalaureat Organisation).  There are other schools that teach in English (Canadian, KTIS, etc) but I do not believe they have been accredited so your children will not be able to take their exams there if they are of secondary age.  For French you have many options, depending on age of child and place of residence.

For the price the ACST is crazy expensive, but they guarantee teachers of an international standard and that does not come cheap.  Not sure how many of the BIST teachers are actually British.

What age are your children and what schooling have they had until now?

Actually, COBIS is not an accreditation agency but an organization that accepts members who follows British curriculum. As a newly opened school, KTIS is pursuing accreditation from the AdvancED accreditation body. At the moment, Cambridge does not accept applications from Tunisia that is why there is no school with Cambridge accreditation in Tunisia.

In summary, KTIS will be one of the accredited International Schools within a two years period. I strongly advise you to visit 3 schools (ACST, BIST and KTIS) and then decide.

Hello everyone,

Could you all please recommend these schools in the Education in Tunis section of the business directory. It may be useful to other members too.

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A new international school opened recently. Its name is Cambridge International School of Tunis. Its website and information given is promising.

Hi could you give any further information about the Cambridge International School Tunis, please? I am trying to get in touch with them. Are they already open? I'd be grateful for any further details you could share with me.

I wish to admit my son in to fifth grade next academic session at Cambridge School.

Somebody may advice and help me with necessary information and support.

Best wishes to everybody.


I used to work at the American Cooperative School of Tunis (11 years) in a management position and kow its strenths and weaknesses.
It is an  accredited International School but is also the most expensive.
Feel free to contact me for deeper information



The British International School of Tunis is the only English speaking school with accreditation from the British Government.  It is inspected by The British Schools Overseas framework and has to fully comply with the standards, as set out, for British Private schools in England.

Hope this helps

Be aware my fellow British expats!!!  Cambridge International School of Tunis does not even have a ****T*** Stay away me blokes...They seem shady.

Concernant la Cambridge international School of Tunis, je suis surprise du commentaire d Edward. Cette école est absolument incroyable : accueil excellent, motivation des équipes.. excellente, envie de faire progresser les enfants...excellente, effectif dans les classes excellent, beau programme pédagogique et prise en compte des particularités de chacun! Les accréditations prennent toujours du temps, car le process est long mais ça n est justement qu'une question de temps. Espérons que l excellence ne s'attire pas les foudres des jaloux..
Merci à la Cambridge School d'accueillir ma fille française dans cet environnement international, elle est ravie!

@Iwishyouthebest > you should please post in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand. + Note that this is an old topic .

All of the teachers at the British International School are fully qualified UK teachers and the school is inspected by British Government Inspectors. In the secondary school the teachers are also all subject specialists in their field.

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