KL Bird Park

Taman Burung Kuala Lumpur or more commonly known as KL Bird Park, is located in part of the Lake Gardens, and just 10 minutes taxi ride from downtown Kuala Lumpur.

The park was established in 1991 and currently houses more than 3,000 birds and 200 species from around the world. The park is known as "The World's Largest Covered Bird Park" and also "The World's largest Free Flight Aviary". Within the park are many ponds, pathways, waterfalls, gardens and bridges. You will also find feeding stations where you can feed some of the birds yourself. There are also cafes, a souvenir shop[ and the Hornbill restaurant, where you can view Hornbills in the branches of high trees in the park.

Some tips, bring your Passport if you have an MM2H Visa as this will give you a big discount on the entry charge. Also, bring a cap or hat to wear inside the park as birds will often fly over you.

Personally I have visited the park perhaps 8 or 9 times during my stay in Malaysia and I strongly recommend anyone visiting or living in Malaysia to spend a couple of hours here. It is a really fascinating place and one which children will love. These are some of the snapshots that I took. Feel free to upload your own pictures too.

Here are some more snapshots of birds at KL Bird Park.

This is a Red Eyed Bulbul, also photographed in KL Bird Park.

Great photos!!

sien :

Great photos!!

Thanks Sien...!

that's really nice

This one is called a Supreme Starling.

This bird is called a Cattle Egret.

Wow, seeing the birds through your lens is even better than seeing with own eyes.

Thanks bcyoks....!

A Supreme Starling - back view

Mandarin Duck

A baby Peacock

Yellow Black Headed Bulbul

KL Bird Park is built on the side of a hill and there is a restaurant called the Hornbill Restaurant & Café that is at a same level high up in the trees where you can usually see the large and colourful Hornbill. You can also feed Egrets which fly very close to where you eat waiting for food scraps to be thrown.

Out of interest, this restaurant serves some nice local and Asian food and refreshing drinks and is perfect for ending a visit at the bird park. It has indoor seating in the comfort of airconditioning as well as outdoor seating overlooking the bird park. There is a also large souvenir shop just below the restaurant.

A Hornbill

Scarlet Ibis

We've been always busy in life and stopped looking at the beautiful things in our world.

Haha....yes it's so easy to do. One has to find the balance, and as I get older I spend more time trying to enjoy myself and less time trying to earn money. Just need to find the right point of compromise.


A Stork standing on one leg.

Cattle Egret.

Artificial Waterfall

I've included this photo of a monkey because several of them were sitting on the perimeter fence surrounding the Bird Park.

Rhinoceras Hornbill

Duck on a Rock

Supreme Starling with feather in beak


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