I Need an Advice

Hello Everyone!

I am Riza from Philippines and I just made an account here. I would like to hear all of your advices regarding to my case. I just got married to a Norwegian here in Philippines this June and I am planning to get a Resident Visa but unfortunately the Marriage Certificate takes 6 months for it to be released from the Philippines Statistic Authority (PSA) former National Statistic Office (NSO) so I tried to process it through what they called "Electronics" but it still takes 1 month for me to get it. I kept on researching what are the other options for me to get a Resident Visa then there's a friend of a friend who is now living in Norway who told me that she get a Tourist Visa first then when she got to Norway she started processing for a Resident Visa. Is it possible for me to do what she does? But I still need to wait for our Marriage Certificate and my husband is coming on September, Is it possible that I will get a Tourist Visa first then when arrived in Norway i will do what she did? and is it possible to process a Tourist Visa for less than a week? If happens I will get my marriage certificate in 1 month then I will get it on Sept. 28 and my husband will arrive on September 12 and will Depart on November 17. My question is, is it possible for me to go with him at that range of time? and what are the requirements for getting a Tourist Visa for Visiting Spouse? or is there any other way to get to Norway fast and get a Resident Visa?

Sorry for a long question and I hope I will receive some advice here.Thank you very much!

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