Making friends and networking with all expat in Vietnam and the world

Dear every expats in Ho Chi Minh city and Vietnam.
I am Jimmy , Vietnamese, studying abroad in Switzerland then came back to Saigon since 2010 , working here 6 years.  What I want to attend is to know and having more friends, connections here. I work in Travel & Tourism ,include Event planning. Hope can see message of all you people. I am very friendly, so contact me anytime, anywhere (I won't bite) and hope to have English conversations with people, to share success and happiness in life. Gay, lesbians and bi-sexual, discreet people, all are welcome  :D

Hi Jimmy,

So nice to meet someone like you on this site, would like your company and acquaintance very much, i don't bite too.........................I will be in Saigon in September

Hope we can meet..........................Des

As long as this isn't about dating, the thread is fine.

Dating of any sort is strictly forbidden on this site, but there is a section in classifieds where it's fine.

Wow! seems like this Des bloke wants to meet and make friends with everyone!!!....spooky!

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