Thinking of moving to Paraguay

im an Egyptian citizen and currently living in cairo, I want to leave my country due to its unrest, i thought in paraguay as an option , i need to know what jobs could be available given that my spanish is little, I am basically an english teacher and i have also  experience in working as a casino dealer, I am ready to learn more spanish or  work other jobs if they give me my basic needs. So what are the chances there ?  thank you for all,  all your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Allot of muslims are leaving your beautfull country hahaha this  is a Roman Catholic country !!!, try to learn Spanish an Guarani  then you can teach English here, there is a demand ! allso they are planning to build casinos here in Asuncion,
There are no jobs, NO JOBS  here realy, and if very low wages , better get a job outside Paraguay, and check if Egypt is not on the list to get a Visa !! , Good luck

Thank you for your replying, but anyway I am not a Muslim (a Christian) and I can adapt very well with a Roman Catholic society, In fact our country was beautiful once before the Islamic conquest , now it is a shame and a dangerous place specially for the Christians.

Thank you again for your helpful information.

your welcome, and I am sorry , I am fleeing Holland  because of the same issue ...
Check Thomas if you can get a Visa, its very important to get your paperwork in order , otherwise difficult to get a job !! Wish you the very best in this bautifull country , try it first for a week or two ... Bye, good luck !

Thank you very much, wish you a happy and great life

Getting jobs here in PY is a real issue for expats.   Paraguay does not have many jobs available for non native spanish speakers except as "english as a second language" teachers and also school teachers in some of the exclusive private schools (but for those you must have teaching credentials).   If you have the resources like some expats, you can always open a restraunt, a hotel or some kind of a shop but they are very risky ventures to say the least.   The best option that many use is to work "on line" by the internet for a company outside of Paraguay, so you basically live in Paraguay but earn your living elsewhere.  The casino industry is a possibility though, there are a couple of casino's already in Asuncion and a couple I think also in Cde del Este.  More are planned for Asuncion which is undergoing a large business and building expansion right now.   So if you have special training or experience and come highly recommended, that may be something to check out.  I would try internet searches for Casino websites for Paraguay.  Good luck !

Thank you for giving information and ideas and I want to ask you how much would it cost to start a small buisness there like a restrant or buying a taxi or a small shop? I am asking for an avarage or a start point. If you can give me such avarage I would be very thankfull. I am appreciating your help.

I would have no idea about costs of starting a business.  I'd suggest go to FaceBook and visit the Expats in Paraguay site.   Many expat and Paraguayan business people are on that site and may be able to give you some information.

Thank you so much. It is very helpfull

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