Requirements for bank-statements

I am planning to apply for a residence card for me and my wife in Malta. We found out, that it is possible with more than 23,000.00 EUR on a bank-account.

I am looking on the form for economic self-sufficient people.  I find there, that I have to show original and copies of bank-statements. Actually, my bank-account is online only and statements are not in English. Does anyone know, what the proper way is to get them recognized by the  Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs ?

It was my experience that they only seemed to be interested that I could show that I had the money in an account in my name, on an account print out statement. This was 2 days ago. This only relates to the question as asked, as there are other requirements to be met.

When we applied we printed off our latest bank statement and they where fine with it. I think its really to confirm you have the funds and they are in your name.

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