The Subang Affair - An Introduction

Hi folks, my name is Ian Thomas and I'm originally from South Wales in the UK. I moved to Vancouver, Canada when I was 9 years old and retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after 21 years of service. A short time later I moved to Subang in Malaysia and took a job as Deputy Principal at UCSI International School for four years. My tenure with UCSI Subang Jaya is what I will be writing about in what I call the "The Subang Affair." I trust that those reading this will learn from these questions that are being asked (whether or not a response is made) and be guided accordingly.

By asking questions we come to the basis of all learning; and it is through this lens that I will attempt to stimulate others into questioning some of the  events that I dealt with over the last four years.

Before coming to UCSI International School in Subang I had the privilege to manage three federal government departments and was an Executive Director for four years in Canada. In addition to this the Canadian government sent me on two senior management courses so as to ensure there was proper administration and delegation of duties. Thus, holding a senior management position was a good fit for UCSI International School in Subang Jaya. This was finalized by an academic background that included an MA and fifteen years of teaching experience.

Question: Who is writing this post?  A: Ian Thomas

Question: Why is he writing this post?  A: the enlightenment of others

Question: Is he qualified to write this and other upcoming posts?  A: arguably Yes.

Please check back for Part 1 of The Subang Affair in two weeks (17-8-16)  ;)


so where is the enlightenment in what you have written?

selia8 :

so where is the enlightenment in what you have written?

Patience, the greatest of all virtues, could be one point of enlightenment in so much as you have to wait to find out more about the topic in hand .... or do you?
I. just like Roderigo, was impatient, but I've never fancied a trip to Venice so I entered the great city of curiosity instead.

Quite a lot is in the OP, but only if you can read subtle indications, suggestions and what isn't typed.
What isn't there is commonly more interesting than what is, and I would be really disappointed if this turned out to be an advert for a thing with Ms D.
The posting history is more than is evident to most, but 2 is often better than 1, especially when they're in different places.
I suspect the OP is fully aware enquiring minds will know all about parole boards, I**C and so on by now, and he'll have realised you don't need to be a criminologist to work that stuff out.

Critical thinking popped into mind immediately as another point of enlightenment in the OP, so I already have a pretty fair idea what will be in future posts.
It's a bit like reading the last page of a book before the middle bit, but I still await the next part with some eagerness, but perhaps not quite as much eagerness as I have to see the new Star wars film, but the OP is fighting against quite a lot to beat my attention to that one.
I'm just hoping it will still be the force, and not a farce that will be with us.

I could be wrong, but that would be quite unusual. Ah, add modesty to the list of enlightenment thingies, but I failed there.

I am patient person, I will wait for the next part. but please tell me why you failed in modesty

The OP could tell you, but it's mostly because I already know what's likely to be in it.
I've never had any contact with him, nor have I so much as heard of him prior to his post, but I'm really clever.
Sad as it is, I fail at being modest.

Patience  ;)

ianrhysthomas :

Patience  ;)

I was hoping critical thing was on your list as well.
It gave me your life story and a fair guess what your posts will contain.

Patience please.

Patience is an excuse for laziness in the same way truth is an excuse for a poor imagination. :D

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