DENTAL CLINIC(English Speaking) in Thanh Hoa or Vinh City.

Hello Everyone,

This is Madan from Nepal. Its been 6 months since I came to Vietnam for work. I am living in Thanh Hoa Province and now I wanted to visit a Dentist here but I didn't found any Dental Clinic around my place where they speak English.
Since, Thanh Hoa City & Vinh City both are at same distance from the place where I live right now.
So, please share information(if any) about the Dental Clinic which is located in Thanh Hoa City or Vinh City.

Thanks for your support in advance.

Best Regards

Hi Madan and welcome to :)

Please feel free to have a look at the dentists registered in the business directory : … /dentists/ , you might find a dental clinic near your locality.

Good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hey Priscilla,

Thanks for sharing the information
I checked the directory but didn't found any info of Dental Clinic located in the mentioned cities.
Anyway, I am checking some other websites too.

Thanks again,

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