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Boa tarde,
I am planning on getting married in Brazil in September. I have all the documents needed and legalized and translated. I live in the US and have been married before to an American here with a absolute divorce. I was reading about the section about getting approval ftom the Supreme Tibunal for divorce in brazil, a homologao statement. If that's spelled correct. Is this just for someone that has married before in Brazil or a foreigner that use to be married to a Brazil national. My fiance lives in Lagarto Sergipe and can we use any cartorio for registry or just the one in Lagarto. Thanks for any information given on these topics.

Hi CeJames,

Boa Noite!

It would be a lot more easier for your wife if you were to use the cartorio located in her area in Lagarto.  However if that is not possible then you can use other cartorios as well, but the process might get a bit more lengthier.

As far as getting approval from the Supreme Tribunal is concerned that I believe only applies to marriages that took place in Brazil itself.  However this can be easily cleared up if you can email your fiance a copy of all of your documentations and let her visit her neighborhood cartorio in order to make sure that everything is clear and a 100 %

Good luck and do keep us posted on what happens


This has been a horrible process. We had to get all of our info from simao dias because lagarto had no idea how to explain. Simao dias told her my divorce had to be homologized there by the Supreme Court but all the information we could find just obtained to Brazilian nationals. We will see

Hi Cejames

I am sorry you are facing such challenges.  The reason for this, as you will notice and understand in the near future, is that most of the government officials are not having all the required information for various processes, specially when it comes to handling paperwork for "estrangeiros (foreigners)" .

Also keep in mind that although the process is "supposed" to be uniformed throughout the country, unfortunately it is not.  A lot of things depend on the mood of the person handling your paperwork, hence I would suggest keeping a calm and pleasant state of mind while dealing with them.

Lastly I would also recommend that you get your  divorce certificate notarized and translated from a "Tradutor Juramentado (legal translator)" here in Brazil as well just incase you have not done so already.  This might cost you about an extra 40 to 60 reais give or take but later if they require it for any reason you will have an official copy ready in your hands.

Boa sorte and do let us know if you have anymore questions or require any sort of help


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