Vietnamese language acquisition time

I'm a Vietnamese-American, born/raised in the US, who is about to make a move to Vn.  Vietnamese was my first language, but since i grew up in the U.S. primarily around non-Vn people, I only speak it now at a very basic/elementary level.  I don't know how to read/write. 

Has anybody here in a similar situation as me been able to pick up speaking Vietnamese much more fluently (i.e., >professional level) after living in Vietnam for some time?  Or do you know someone who has?  If so, about how long did it take you or your friend?

No need to worry. You will be a pro in no time. It's easy to pick it up as long as you're willing to go out and socialize with people.

As Vietnamese was your first language, you should find spoken Vietnamese relatively easy to speak. You will be mostly remembering words and phrases that you have forgotten. Written Vietnamese will prove much more difficult as you will need to learn it from scratch.

Can any one suggest an official college/ uni which can write a letter of sponsorship for an Australian to learn tieng viet for 1 year, cheers Mark … niversity/

Reading the description, it looks like it may have evolved from the U of Saigon language center where I taught and studied 1974-1975.

Thank you, it looks good and I'll follow it up, Mark ( to, 70 years old )

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