denouncia - my ex-lanlord called the immigration


i have a question, my ex-landlord kicked me out i was late with my rent.

She said she calls immigration so i cant leave, i dispute that.

Is there a way for her to just stop me from going home?

I'm on a tourist visa in Panama.



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I guess if you have paid the rent by now there is no reason or law whatsoever to prevent you to travel to wherever you want

is it legal without any proof to keep me here?

No one ask me for my side.......

and she still has my security deposit

Call my wife she is an Attorney at law in Chitre here phone is : *** Here name is Shirley
Here English is limited I but I will help on the phone


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@ jackwebb > Can you please recommend your wife in the business directory >  Lawyers in Panama ?


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I have been requested by Christine to describe my experience in Panama.
I went to Bugaba / San Vicente area on a 5 week house-sit. The four large dogs were great. The big brand new house had many challenges; unreliable refridgerator,limited furniture, faulty showers that allowed water out to adjacent bed-rooms and hallways
and just a totally unorganized disaster.
Thru it all I madesome  wonderful friends in the caretaker Kevin, his wife and 3 year old son and as well an uncle , great and knowledgeable horse-people.
Panama scared me. Carrying a machete to the grocery store down the highway seemed a 'bit much', all the security precautions of the owner were worrying. A chance meeting in Bugaba with a US couple with many horror stories of thiers and other's home invasions and deaths (True? I do not know!), did not make me want to stay.
I moved to a new house-sit in Manzanillo ,Mx. and on to Lake Chapala near Guadalajara where I have 'put down roots' in a wonderful little community.
I know my mother had instilled in my sisters and I that you should, " Never say anything, if you cannot say anything Nice".
I'm truly sorry Christine that you asked.

Hi, just in case, if this goes legal, which I presume it has, then you need a licensed translator, if you need me, call me, I am a licensed translator in Panama and the U.S.


Hi Ricardo,

please do not hesitate to register your services in our Panama business directory ; but could you please avoid promoting your professional services on the forum ?

Many thanks


Thank you Julien for your input...mmm...

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I'm excited to say.  That hopefully all my paperwork here in the States.  Will be completed in June.  As soon as that occurs.  I will be on the next flight to Panama.  I have rented a beautiful fully furnished 2BR and 2BA beach house in Puerto Armuelles for $450.00 a month.  I will let you all know the moment I being this new chapter in my life.

Welcome to Puerto Armuelles!

My family has lived in Puerto Armuelles for 11 years (8.5 yrs full time, now part-time).
We live in Las Palmas. 

Puerto is a wonderful place to live. 

You can find alot of info on my website about life in Panama.

Feel free to contact me with questions as well.


has been 15 years since i was there guess it has changed a lot ,, were really bad roads and no work i understand is much better ,, i still even with many improvements could not imagine living there unless i still had a fishing boat and guide service ..

I think this did get off topic but have to agree with the living in Puerto Armuelles point of view. We were looking for a place to buy and went there around 10 years ago and have been back a couple of times maybe 5 years ago was the last time.

It comes down to one’s expectations, understanding of Latin America in general, and finally Panama which by far, from my experience has the best to offer of any other Central American country.

However, David is still not a place that I would recommend to come for a vacation - I had to prepare family members :).

I’ll leave it at that.

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