Best English Breakfast in Saigon?

Where is the very best English breakfast in Saigon, with real English Sausages? Thailand was awesome for this. Full breakfast, tea or coffee and orange juice foy 90 baht, about 60,000 dong.

Surprisingly(?)  No.

Viet Nam has never been slow to respond to (any?)   ..well, 'legal' commercial ventures...

And the 'English' style of brekky with all the gory basics quite often turn up in the usual suspects: Hotel restaurants.  Fascinates me why they don't seem to promote their own unique (and close to perfect) qualities.

Be that as it may, I have invariably found a simple request produces the goodies.   Especially when they grasp that cost will always be second to desire.   Mine.   Other foodies follow...

..but for me to divulge (some) of the best locations..?   Get Lost!!

It took me yonks to train (my?) (not) personal staff.   Teach by telling and build yer own private style of heaven.   I happen to hate tourists...

Dammit.   Now I'm hungry.   And they are all closed. 

Naturally I guess.   It's 3:00 am.             :blink:

there are english breakfast in some top end sort of cafes. though expect 100k+. I wouldn't be too confident on where the sausages come from though. they don't do english breakfast well because they're not too good with their toast/bread.

You can try Black Cat or Elbow Room, but expect to pay 100k+ as other poster mentioned.

Black Cat's menu:

L'Usine on Le Loi st. Great coffee and breakfast, go upstairs via clothing store shop entrance. Expensive though but worth it.

Here's another.

The workshop does not do an authentic English breakfast. It is a cool place to hang out however.

Try Vintage Emporium.

it's ok, but highly doubt it taste anything like home.

Annam might be as closest you'll get. They also have a cafe section.

I paid 305,000 for my eggs benedict and 2 x capucino at L'Usine, totally worth it though the caps were small.

Everything caters to foreigner's needs is overpriced in Saigon

Which points at the problem.

Train your own (staff) outlet to cater to your needs.   Or cope.     

Works for me...

@bazza139, exactly. My cooking skill has gone up since i moved here

Correct.  My students now agree that skills are reciprocal:
I have learnt from them too. we all eat what we like, and like what we eat...     :idontagree:   Happy.

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