seeking for a job in Romania

Hello ,

My name is Fadi , i live now in Lebanon , and im looking for a job in Romania , i have a Romanian nationality , what i know ?? i know a lot !! i have experience in productions ( as im  production manager currently ) for a textile company so far , i have experience in warehouses , Marketing and advertising .

i know Arabic , English and Romanian .. Very well , im married , my wife is also Romanian citizen .

Moving right away without insuring a job would be hard for me . so i would like to find and to be sure that everything is ok in will to move .

Hope that im at the right Place .

Hello and welcome,

Please search or post your CV in the JOBS section.  Also you might try the various job portal sites that are popular in Romania.  If you're Romanian and speak the language, you should have no problem finding them via Google ;)

Romaniac Experts Team

yes , i have double citizen ship .. as Romanian is my secondary .

anyway , thanks for information .

i send you a pm

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