Moving to Stuttgart with Family of Four (Married+6yr+8yr)

Hello Everyone,

After living 28-years in USA, we are considering moving to Stuttgart with family of four with two kids, 6yr and 8yr old. We only speak English and we're looking for school options for our kids as well as suggestions and tips on making our move and living in Stuttgart easier. 

Schools are starting here in Massachusetts in 3-weeks so, we're seriously considering either very fast move <3-weeks or delay till December to allow, at least myself find a place and settle and then bring wife and kids.

Any help or pointers are appreciated.

Thank you!

You basically have two options for your kids' schooling: German language public schooling free of charge in your neighbourhood, or English language private school at (probably) a long commute and with a fee.
The international school at Fellbach (a suburb 10km to the East of Stuttgart) is popular and costs around EUR1000/month per kid.
Some public schools have preparatory classes for non-German-speaking kids and they are very likely to fit into normal classes after a year or less.

As Beppi mentioned, there are International schools with English as the first language but they aren’t cheap. 1000 Euros per month is actually on the cheap side, many cost even more! If you are planning to stay longer or indefinitely, the kids can and should learn German anyway. This means giving every effort from NOW to get them started. Realistically, you could then have them attend an international school for a year or possibly 2 and hopefully by then they will be up to speed linguistically to switch to public schools – which are generally good and safe here. The summer vacation in Baden-Württemberg, where Stuttgart is located ends on the 10th of September in 2016. So you could arrive and still have some time to adjust before the new school year starts.

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