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Hi there,

I've recently married a brazilian in England. Before we came to England to marry we lived together in Brazil and we intend to return there to continue our lives together. I overstayed my visa and have a fine to pay when I return to Brazil; I realise that I should stay out of the country for 6 months but we have had our marriage registered at the consulate general of Brazil in London. When we go back to Brazil I would have only stayed out for 2 months, does anybody know if it will be a problem when I try to enter again? When I'm there I plan on applying for my viper visa.

Thanks in advance.

Hi F1shbulb

Based on what you have mentioned, I would recommend that you apply for your viper visa in advance from the Embassy of Brazil and enter the country after that. 

Otherwise it would be reasonable for you to wait out for the 6 months (out of which 2 months have already passed) and then enter Brazil and get your visa on arrival and afterwards you can just apply for your permanency directly with the Policia Federal while in Brazil itself.

The reason for this is because yes although it is correct that you are married to a Brazilian and that entitles you to become a Permanent Resident of Brazil.  However as per my understanding of your post as of now you have not applied for any official paperwork to get yourself registered with the Brazilian government accordingly.


Hi stanza51,

Thanks for your message.

I've started the process now of applying for my viper visa here in England, apparently it can be done quickly. We have all the necessary documentation so we're hopeful it can be done quickly anyway!

Once I have the viper visa in my passport do you happen to know if I can enter Brazil with just a one way ticket? I know someone who tried to enter without a return ticket and they weren't even allowed to board the plane going to Brazil.


Hi F1shbulb

Good Morning from Brazil :)

I am glad to know that you have started your viper visa application in England itself.  As far as I know that the process should be smooth as long as you are able to provide the embassy with all the required documentation.

In regards to you entering with a 1 way ticket as far as rules and regulations are concerned you should have no challenges at all in entering with a 1 way ticket.  For the simple fact that you will be the holder of a permanent visa which is self explanatory and entitles the visa holder to stay in Brazil permanently.

In comparison to when you travel with a visit visa or when you travel with plans to receive a visa on arrival based on your nationality to begin with.

There is a very little chance that any airline will refuse to board a person on a 1 way ticket if they are traveling on a Viper Visa.  Hence what I think might have happened is either that the person working in the airline itself didn't understand or wasn't well versed with the rules and regulations.

Good luck with your viper visa application and please do keep us updated on the progress and the experience as it can serve as a good guide for others as well



Hey Stanza51,

Just to update you on my VIPER visa application.

Going back to my last message; the person who wasn't allowed to board the plane without a return ticket didn't have a visa of any kind. The person was me!

I had been living in Brazil for 2 1/2 years as an irregular, so when we booked our flights to England the return journey was from England to Brazil, which was fine for my Brazilian wife but not so good for me. As I would effectively be entering Brazil on a tourist visa, the airline needed proof of my onward travel before they would let me fly. They gave me the option of buying a return ticket there and then, but because I had overstayed and had not been out of the country for 180 days, we thought that I might encounter problems on arrival in Brazil; and what's worse? Being denied boarding a plane at Heathrow when you live 40 minutes away and have somewhere to stay, or being sent home from Brazil after travelling for hours and being separated from your wife? So we decided it would be best to stay here and apply for my VIPER and to do things properly. Which we did.

The process is fairly straightforward if you're applying in England and your spouse is with you. I applied for a family reunion visa as my wife is Brazilian. We were married here and then registered our marriage at the consulate in London. The registration of the marriage at the consulate is a requirement of applying for this type of visa.

You need to apply online and you need to upload copies of the following as part of the application process. Your ACRO police certificate, a current passport sized photo, a copy of your passport, marriage certificate ( I uploaded our English marriage certificate) and a signature (just sign a piece of paper and scan to your computer). When the application is complete a form is generated that you need to attach a photo  to, sign and bring it to the consulate when you make your appointment. You also need to bring your passport and copy, your spouses passport and copy, consulate marriage certificate and copy, ACRO police certificate, passport sized photo and the form that your spouse filled out, which is then signed in the presence of the official at the consulate.

The appointment is easy to make and it could even be made the next day unlike the appointment for registering your marriage which takes around 30 days. When you make your appointment online you must print the confirmation page and bring that with you to the consulate too. The cost for the visa is £319 for more than 180 days plus around £8 pounds for a debit card fee. They don't accept credit cards. I provided a self addressed recorded delivery envelope so it could be returned to me and I wouldn't have to travel back to London to pick it up. This costs around £7. I applied on Monday afternoon and I received my passport with the visa in the post on Thursday morning the same week. I fly back to Brazil next week on a one way ticket without anything to worry about apart from the fine I'll have to pay upon entering. Very quick and efficient compared to applying in Brazil where I've heard it can take months and months.

I hope this may be helpful to anyone thinking of applying......thanks and good luck!

Hi F1shbulb

Happy to hear your visa application went smoothly. I am married to a Brazilian and i  thought about apply for my visa in England but decided not to and instead went on a tourist visa and applied here in Brazil. Having possessed all the correct documents, i was granted my permanent visa on the same day and it took less than a month to get my CIE card. It was pleasantly surprising to see how efficient the system is when it works which is not the case in most cases here. Anyway this was done in Belo Horizonte. Mind you i didn't have to provide a police record but in its place i had to sign a declaration to say that i had not had prior criminal conviction :)

when you arrive you'll have a month to Register with your local Police federal and get the ball rolling that way and also you'll find a lot of helpful information in here too.

Good luck

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