Seeking info from South Africans

Don't know where to begin but here goes .... hubby will be joining his dream job soon and we will tag-a-long soon afterwards (me and 6 year old).  I'd like to get in touch with "tag-a-long" wifes/moms I can ask questions.  I'm going eye blind on this journey, bit scary but if I can survive USA I can do this too although I did have help.  Perhaps with the coming months things will sort them self out but some assurance would be much appreciated!

Anybody welcome to say hi, I still have so much to get to know about France and must say its a bit daunting!


Hi A3,

Welcome on board  :)

Where exactly will you be in France ? Maybe you could provide this little detail, it could make you get interaction from South African members in the surroundings.

Maybe you could also participate on these threads so that members share their experience with you :

- Your new local habits in France

- Expand your social circle in France

All the best,

Thank you Bhavna!  This helps much.  I was told French people don't like the British so much but when approaching them you should greet them and speak Afrikaans so they can hear your not a Brit.

Bit troubled about the language.  6 year olds pick stuff up easy but for a 41 year old its a total diff ball game! :-)

Well let me go read Bertiesem_59's blog ....

Much appreciated!

PS - NO clue as to where hubster will be stationed so that question un answered as of yet!

Hi again A3,

From my personal experience in France, i tend to think that the French specially the younger generations like the Brits.

Of course, what the French appreciate even more is that you drop a few words in their language "bonjour, merci, bonne journée" or communicate in french atleast try to for daily communication purposes. They will really appreciate the effort you put into integrating and even help you out with pronunciation and so on.

In a sense, it is fully understandable as they do not really master english, they do not have to by the way, France has a language policy of it's own.

All the very best to your family and you,

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