Looking for South East Asia Expatriates

i'm a college student and am currently an intern reporter at reputable media in Jakarta. i need three to five south-east asia expatriates who stay in jabodetabek to be interviewed for my feature report. It is not too serious interview just about the experience of living in Indonesia, obstacles and challenges, etc. If you've consented or need further information, pls do contact me on pm. thank you

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As a note to posters with interest in this, the publication is considered to be one of the leading English language newspapers in Indonesia.

How about you post your questions here in the forum  ?

So the expats can drop a reply if they are interested.

I believe that face to face communication would be more effective since both speakers can express their ideas better. So i prefer to meet the interviewee instead of doing it on forum.

If you're interested, pls do contact me by pm for details :)

I am personally not interested since i dont have the time to meet up in person for such an interview.

But probably others will do....

Good luck anyway

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