Indian Lentils & Pulses in Sao Paulo

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!. Where can i find Indian Lentils & Pulses in Sao Paulo State (Black Gram, Yellow Lentil)?

2. Economical Courier & Sea Cargo(if any) between India & Brazil


You will check there supermarket. name is lentila. same like dal using sambar and etc.
Mostly Indian material getting little hard Brazil.

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Thank You for your idea. I know about Lentilha, and it is green in color unlike yellow.

I want to know if there is a store where we can find these items. I heard it is in Sao Paulo.

Hi Aks6226

I think your best bet would be to search for different sort of Lentils at various Natural stores.  As they will be your best to carry these sort of items.  I have not been able to find Yellow Dal myself however I did find the red one at a few stores. 

As far as the location of the stores might be concerned am not so sure as I am not a resident of SP.  However a quick google search did come up with this link. … -100g.html

Hope this is of some help if you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me at anytime


Hi stanza51,

Thank You for helping me to find lentilha in Brazil.
Yes we did find some items in natural stores. I cannot carry grains from India, as immigration do not allow seeds. We can carry in powder form.

We want to prepare/cook some Indian recipes like - Idly, Dosa, Chapati(Indian Bread), etc. Rice is available. Wheat flour is available but with more husk, so chapati will not be smooth

I heard there is a store in Sao Paulo who sell some Indian lentilha.

I saved the website you sent and i will explore there.

I will also try to search for stores online.

Thank You Again.

Take Care.

Hi Aks6226

Good morning!

I am glad that I am able to be of help.  Please note that I have friends who have brought over various dal (Red / Yellow / Black) / basmati rice / spices.  Such as Chaat Masalas / Shan Masalas for Biryani or even the MDH Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani Masalas and some other things with them on there flight and as of now they have not been hassled by the immigration officials at all.  The max that has happened was once while entering Brazil a friend of mine was stopped for a random screening by the customs official (this is after he had cleared immigrations and had collected his suitcases), the customs official asked him to open his suitcases which he happily obliged to, later when he saw the various masala boxes, he just asked him what they were and he explained the details accordingly.  Afterwards the customs official just asked him to close up his luggage and let him go along his way.

The type of flour that we use at home is either "Nita" which gave the chapatis a good taste however we tried "Garota" yesterday due to a very good friend of mine recommending it and we might start using that from now on, due to the fact that the chapatis made in "Garota" are having a much smoother taste and they are softer as well.

The Basmati rice that we use is mainly from Tio Joao.

What about you?

Lastly I will check with my friends who are based in Sao Paulo and try to find out if they know of any particular stores in Sao Paulo itself which specializes in selling Indian Dals and stuff, if I find any information or any other solution I shall update you accordingly

Boa Sorte

Hi stanza51
Thank You for your information.
Yes i am aware that - immigration official do not say objection to masala and powder. But they don't allow you to carry grains, as they are considered as seeds. You can carry seeds which are treated.
Many foods items they allow, if they are well packed. Dates with seeds are not allowed.
All other spices and pulses are available in natural stores.

If possible try to find out the store in SP.

I will try chapatis with Garota. Thank You for your suggestion.

Hi Aks

I will check with my friends today and I shall update you accordingly.

Meanwhile wishing you a great day



Nice will check. Its taste very nice. but here very costly keep in mind.
Mostly Brazil almost material costly. welcome Brazil.

Thanking you,

Hi Arru

For items such as this various stores feature various prices hence you might have to search through a couple of different natural stores online or around your area in order to find the one that will be offering you the best deals.

If you do find any items it will be great if you can share the information on the forum. 

As they say "knowledge is the only kind of wealth that multiplies when you give it away" :)

Hi arru24,

Yes tasty, many of the Indian recipes are delicious, especially south India.

Pass on the information to me. Thank You.


Hi Aks6226

Good Morning!

Please note my friends have recommended Casa Flora in Sao Paulo as one of the places that has been recommended.  However they are not sure if they carry the exact type of Lentils (Dal) that you are looking for, however as per them this might be your best bet.

I am placing the location link below:

Casa Flora Location

If you find any other stores please do share the information here as it can be helpful for other expats as well

Wishing you a great day



Hi Stanza51, Good Day!

Thank You for your effort in finding Casa Flora in SP. I will surely go there and inform you if it is the same lentilha.

I have saved the location map and address.

Yes, i will share information which i know to be shared to others.

Take Care.

Looking forward to your reply Aks6226

Good luck :)

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