Managing Credit Score / Rating in the UK

Hi Everybody,

I am currently in the process of moving to the UK and will start working with a global company in London soon.

As I will be placed here long term (hopefully), I would probably want to get some loans to buy a new car or have a credit card for travelling etc.

I have tried to research online and I have found very different set of information on different websites so I would like to ask a few questions here.

1. What is a good bank to hold a bank account with for expats? In my experience there are some expat friendly banks which understand and guide expats with how to manage their financials in a new country and have some relaxed regulations for credit cards and bank loans.

2. I have heard that you dont need to have a bank loan to have a credit history in the UK. Direct debit payments and rental payments can also lead to you having a credit history. Is that correct?

3. Is there any guidance documents here on these forums which help explain on how can expats go about setting up their credit history so that they can apply for car financing or leases or mortgages?

I would be very grateful if someone could help with that.

Thank you.

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