Power issues?

We will be relocating to Asuncion in the next few months and we have heard that there are frequent power outages. Is this true? And, if it is do people have/use generators? Or is a UPS sufficient if you are only doing computer work?
Are there power surges as well? Would it be a good idea to invest in high quality surge protectors?
Thank you for your advice!

Thanks I would like to know the answer myself as well as another tidbit.

What is the cost of electricity per Kwh [kilo watt hour] on a local electricity bill.

I have a business prospect for Paraguay and it will consume a lot of electricity.  I have looked and looked and found very conflicted rates given in various sites.  If there is anyone in this forum that could look at their electric bill and tell me what the current residential Kwh rate is that would be greatly appreciated.

if anyone has a business rate per Kwh that would be great to know also.

majbjb was kind enough to inform me that his local residential electricity rate is currently $0.075 USD equivalent per Kwh.

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