Any expat in Mekelle?

I ve been trying to find some info on life in Mekelle, but the forum is seems to only be concerned with Addis. Are there no expats in Mekelle?


There are some, especially Indians and Filipinos it seems. And the Ethiopians in Mekele seems very welcoming towards ferengi. If you got a job there, I would say, go for it.

I worked out of Mekele a few years ago. The company had an office and 4 accommodation houses for us expats. I enjoyed my stays in Mekele  whenever we came back from Danakil.
Nice friendly locals, great food.

Many thanks for your replies. I defintely agree about the food, we have 2 Ethipian restaurants here. We would be arriving from Dar es Salaam, which has a vibrant social scene. What is life like in Mekelle, is it local culture to go out and about? We are not exactly party people, but we do enjoy going out for a beer and some music.

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