resident card

My husband is Vietnamese ( french and Vietnamese passport)  and i am French.
He is born in Saigon with french nationality ( grand father had got french nationality on 1914/1918)
We live in HCM for 4 months and i try to get a temporary card resident. Actually i have 3 months visa.
We went to the committee of our district 4 to valid our french wedding. At first they agreed and now they refuse to do and said that we have to go at the committee where my husband lived  when he was young ( and before to leave Vietman in 1972).
Do you think that is normal process? Nothing to prove that he lived there!
Thank you to share experience.

I think you must go to the area UBND where he was born, records are kept there in written form. If he was born in Saigon, they should have a record of his birth on file there.

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