Rising fuel prices

In case you have not been informed, as of Sept-1, the government shall issue new prices for fuel as follows:

Octane-91: 85 fils per liter from 60,

Octane-95: 105 fpl from 65,

Ultra-Premium: 165 fpl from 95.


Now, if economics has taught us anything, its that businesses will try to stick the increase on the end user, meaning, all of us. so prices of everything will be expected to rise accordingly, due to the increased costs of delivery (i.e. fuel for delivery trucks etc).

Time to tighten our belts.

Maybe Kuwait is going to experience what the rest of the world has experience since 2008, just in a softer and less abrupt way.
One thing is certain, if the cost of living keeps raising, this place will become a lot less attractive, especially for the low income expats that are sending money to their families abroad.
The fuel price increase you've mentioned if quite hefty. Groceries are more expensive here, than is most EU countries.


Which is quite pathetic as we are one of the richest countries in oil.. meh.

You'd think with this raise they would have all the funding to build us something other than shopping malls. But nah..

And.. I detest the Avenues..

Could try opening a few pubs!!!!

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