Non-Eu with EC residence in another EU country

Hi everybody!

I am Filipina residing in Italy for 6yrs and holding a EC long term residents. We are planning to move in Sweden for more beautiful future especially for our daughter. I am currently studying in Sweden and my husband (also a Filipino) is currently working as a Sushi chef and my daughter is 3yrs old.
I read about the requirements regarding the long term residents in another EU country in and its not very clear for me. Is there anyone of you have the case? Can you give us a clear info so we will prepare all the requirements? like for example the money to show to them that we have sufficient money to cover for us until we found a job? it says there that we don't need to wait for the application processing and we can come and work, but how can we register for tax etc? Guys, pls help us.. 😔

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