Need a recommendation for a contractor

New to the forum, but been working on retiring to PR for a few years now.  Got my eye on a property in Cabo Rojo, but I don't want to buy it sight unseen.  I'm told it has access to public utilities as well as views of both the Caribbean and Bahia Bocqueron.  Anyone know of a reliable contractor in the Cabo Rojo area that can do a quick site assessment for me?

Muchas gracias!

We do have several members in the west of the island, they may take a day or two to comment on your question.

Nobody I recall in the Cabo Rojo area, but they may know someone that can check the property for you.

Thanks for the reply Rey.  Given the compact nature of the island, contractors in Mayaguez would work as well.  Or San German, Lajas, etc.  The property I'm interested in is a little north of El Combate.

Getting power to the road edge and water will probably not be an issue and may already be there, specially if you have people to the left or right. Getting it into the property would likely have a cost, mostly for electric as they many need to install 3-5 electric poles to get it where you want it, that cost goes to you.

A view is very subjective, you should see it yourself, not sure what size is the plot or what you intent to do with the land, but you should also consider doing a study of the dirt if you plan on raising animals or doing some heavy duty agriculture, for all you know the dirt could be contaminated too alkaline or too acidic. An acre or two would be low cost to treat but 10-20 acres will kill you to get into shape.
Check the property in Google maps, see if there are some houses or farms around your property. Depending on altitude a water pump may also be needed to get you some water pressure.

Come see it, if it seems to fit the bill, then order a study and if all is ok, then put your money down. A visit to the water department will tell you if the water service reaches, the same with electric company. But likely both reach your road.

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