Topping-up mobiphone SIM

Does mobiphone offer discounts for topping-up on a certain day of the week?.

Remember seeing this somewhere. Don't think it was in any of the SMS messages they sent.  :)

The dates for the discounts and the percentages are in those constant SMS messages that you get.  They are in tiếng Việt but if you have someone to help you the first time then you might be able to work it out yourself the next time.  Actually, they are not so much discounts as they are extra time for the same money.

I received an SMS yesterday from Mobifone...  it stated that if I top up today (02/08/2016), I would get a 50% bonus.  Haven't tried it yet though...

One other small thing, the days end exactly at midnight.

zeubie: Just seen it a minute ago, then saw your post. Does that SMS also say a further 3% discount for topping-up online?.

Because they send so many SMS, sometimes its difficult to figure out the wheat from the chaff.

sanooku - yes, it also said an extra 3% for topping up online (at least, that is what Google translate told me :-)

The 50% happens usually every 15 days, you will see signs out the front of shops selling the top up cards. Today for example is 50% extra credit.

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