Anyone want to connect in Gothenburg

Hey everyone,

I'm soon to be moving to Gothenburg indefinitely.  I won't know ANYONE! 

I'd be keen to connect with vibrant, fun people. I'd also love to meet fellow creatives and entrepeneurs. Such as designers, writers, illustrators, musicians.

A bit about me,  I run a social movement called social heartistry which is about teaching adults how to be more child-like and heal their inner child pain.  I coach people, this philosophy and i write books about it.  I also do crazy guerilla street theatre.

Hit me up if you want to connect!

I just moved to Gothenburg from California.  Would love to get together, as I don't know anyone either. Hit me up when you arrive and wanna get out and about.

Hello :cheers:

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Hi Mitchele! Am Agribah and newly relocated to Göteborg from another city. My social network is limited and so am searching for new friends for a cup of coffee, dinner outing, a walk in the city/ in nature m.m. Give me a shout out if it sounds interesting.

Hey I am Rhian! Just moved from the UK. Your work sounds extremely interesting and also fun!
I am also looking for new friends since recently moving here. I just finished university, studying criminology so it is nice to have some more free time and I am always up for grabbing coffee, going to liseberg or anything else!

WOW! I just popped back onto these forums and I LOVE the idea of heartistry! I do something similar, geared towards adult women (and men if they're interested) - I teach hula hooping here in Gothenburg for adults! I full believe that adults need to be able to find their inner child, play, and have fun! Sometimes we all get a bit too serious in life and it eats us up entirely. I don't know what street theater is, but some of the ladies and I have done street shows with the hoops :) We can definitely brain-mash one day!

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