Choosing a UNIVERSITY in Dubai

Hi, I will soon move to Dubai. I have done some research on universities and have short listed:
University of Wollongong in Dubai
American University in Dubai
British University in Dubai
Canadian University Dubai
University of Dubai

The above universities are accredited by Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in UAE, and in all GCC countries. I want to choose one them to study the MBA (Master of Business Admin).

I will be very busy with my business and the other commitments. Therefore, although it might sound strange, but I would like to join the EASIEST university. I want to choose a place which will not require spending much of my time on studying and doing assignments. I need to pick a uni from the list that will let me get the MBA with MINIMUM effort and study.

Kindly advise which of universities to consider. I would appreciate if you can sort the universities in the above list in an order of (1) Easiest (2) Harder…
Thanks in advance for your help.

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