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I’ve seen others who in the same boat as me, and we are facing basically the same problems, the only difference being our individual life styles.

I’ve already bought airline tickets and have set a date. I’m going to sell my car instead of shipping it. I’d like to hit the ground running and get a car as soon.

I’d like to buy a car from a car dealer and get financed either with the dealer or a credit union. I’d like to get financed before or soon after I land. I’m looking at a 2013 Toyota Prius with low milage. (I love Prius, great running car with good gas milage) A dealer has one for $14000.

Can I do this? I’m getting a address through a mail service, a PO Box rental. I’m a veteran, and there is a credit union that veteranI can join. I don’t know if the credit union will allow me to use the mail service box for a Puerto Rican address or not. Does anyone know?  Of course after I do have a place to live, I’ll change the address.

According to Credit Karma, I’m just a few FICO points from having “excellent” mine is 740. I hope to get a somewhat decent interest rate. I can almost figure out what my monthly car payments will be. What I don’t know is car insurance. Can anyone give me an idea of the monthly cost for insurance with a bank owned car. Here on the mainland you must have “Full” coverage. If that is the case on Puerto Rico as well, can anyone give me an extimate, or a educated guess on how much the monthly cost for “Full” coverage? I’m trying to keep my transpertation with insurance between $350-$450 a month, Is this do able?

I’m planning to stay in San Juan for a week to get a car at a Air B&B, I’ve seen some good rates. If anyone knows of a “good" place in San Juan for $50 to $70 a night, please let me know.

I wish luck to all of us who are making this move


I rent out my apartment in Old San Juan, but the rate is more, because it is a full 2-bdrm with den and 180% ocean view. My property manager markets her listings on Air BnB, and has a cute studio in VSJ for about the rate you want. I don't know if it's available, but I'd be happy to give you her name and number if you like. She is VERY professional, conscientious, native Puerto Rican, and retired exec with Victoria's Secret.

Check with usaa they do loans, and insurance for home and cars for veterans. I believe adlin20 mentioned he got a loan thru them for a car and you may be able to also get the insurance thru them. Give them a call.

In one of my post I also mentioned a company in PR for car insurances, search for my posts, I don't recall the name at the moment. They should be able to get you an extimate based on your numbers.

Post back what you hear


Here is what adlin20 posted:

adlin20 :

USSA had the beast rate for car loan. Local bank quote us a rate of 9%, USSA was 1%. Big difference!!
We end  up Purchasing a 2016 Kia Sorento, we priced the same vehicle in Texas and the difference was about 2-3K, by the time we calculate the shipping charges and taxes in the island it would had been more expensive purchasing the car in the mainland. So at least to me, the car prices are very competitive.

Sounds like what would work for you. … ctjsp=true

@condorbutch, several months ago Rey gave me a link for car insurance. I called and the broker was very nice and gave us a great full coverage quote, which I assume you will need if you are taking a loan out on a car.

Here is the website:

Thanks so much, it sounds like a lovely place in an area I would like to stay, it would be perfect for a family, but there are only two of us. Maybe if I can talk to someone into going us for a week. But I think its a little too big for our needs. But, thanks for taking the time to answer us


I have a place you can stay to get started. My brother is also a veteran (Vietnam) and would be willing to negotiate with you, if you would like to rent a room in his place here, in Palmas del Mar in Humacao.  It is a new condominium and he is here part-time with his dog.  He can tell you about the VA here, about buying a car, etc.  These are all things that he has done.  Please send an email to me at xxx and I will send you his contact information.

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