Senegalese in china

Hello, i'm looking for Ssenegalese people in china, please let me know

Hello Aida2056 :cheers:

In which province of China are you looking for senegalese please?

You could search for members by their nationalities from our China social network section.


In the province of Hong Kong, please help me locate them.

Hi Aida2056,

Your thread has been moved to the Hong Kong forum so that you may get some interaction.

Do you have any plans of moving to Hong Kong ?


There are not so many Africans in Hong Kong and most of them are from former British colonies. The French expatriate community is strong though and I know a few French-born Africans with origins in Algeria, Morocco, Congo, Togo etc. so I would be very surprised if there weren't any Senegalese at all. What's the reason for your query?

Thank you for your reply,
I made plans to be there by early next month, and I just wanted to be in touch with people from my home country. If I may ask, where are you from?

Hey bhavna,
I will visiting few factories in China.

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